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Not all credit inquiries require the same level of access to your information, and as such, there are two types of inquiries that can be performed – a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry. The former is the more in-depth of the two, and it gets reflected on your credit reports which can impact your credit scores.

 · It depends on why the credit inquiry is made. There are two types of credit pulls, hard credit pulls and soft credit pulls. soft credit check vs. hard credit check. A soft credit check is one that does not effect your credit score. A soft credit check is recorded in your credit history, but is only visible to you and not visible to lenders.

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What is a credit inquiry? A credit inquiry is when an organization or individual requests to see information stored in your credit file. This is commonly referred to as a ‘credit check’. What is a "soft" credit check? A ‘soft’ credit check is when a potential landlord or employer requests to see your credit file for informational reasons to determine eligibility.

The difference between hard and soft credit inquiries. Posted on March 7, 2018 by Norm Schriever Most people check their credit periodically, such as when they’re about to apply for a big loan, once a year, or every four months (like you should).

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There are two different types of credit inquiries; soft credit inquiries and hard credit inquiries. Soft Credit Inquiries. There are very distinct differences between the two types of inquiries, with the biggest difference being that one has a negative effect on a credit score while the other is fairly harmless.

 · With FICO (the scoring model required by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), credit inquiries for mortgage loans that are less than 30 days old are ignored and have no impact, Mr. Ulzheimer said.