What is a stock loan? A stock loan allows borrowers the flexibility to gain access to the locked up value of their freely traded stock position without having to actually liquidate their position in the open market. stock loans are most suited to corporations, its employees, officers and other major holders of publicly traded companies.

Our securities-based stock loan program allows you to leverage your securities portfolio and offers you protection from market declines without selling your securities. You can now borrow money using stock for almost any purpose and get any amount you need.

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World Portfolio Loans has access to a global network of public and private financial lending institutions able to offer one of the most aggressive, transparent and simple securities based lending programs available worldwide. Most of the stock loan programs we provide are non-purpose and non-recourse requiring no documentation.

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Certainly, making a stock based loan is much less risky than is making an unsecured loan. SBL is generally the most attractive in circumstances in which lenders and borrowers have pre-existing relationships. The Downside of Securities Based Lending . While securities based lending may sound like a great option, it also comes with tremendous risks.

Easy Stock Loans specializes in creating custom financial solutions to suit the various needs of each and every one of our clients. Our variety of securities-based solutions for financing and stock loans are some of the best in the industry. We can also assist in a large private purchase of stock also known as a block purchase.

Securities-based lending involves special risks and is not suitable for everyone. Be sure to carefully review product details, risks and benefits to ensure this product is right for you. A decline in the value of your pledged collateral may require you to provide additional funds or securities.

Securities-Based Loans We work with private direct lenders that offer the most straight-forward, personal and customized solutions to borrowers in need of prompt financing. In recent years, they have executed hundreds of successful securities-based loan transactions world-wide, lending millions of dollars in the U.S. and abroad.