Start Traveling With Your Kids When They Are Young

Related to travel documentation, it’s vital to ensure that you, your children, and anyone else in your travel party have the right documentation for your trip. For flights within the United States, travelers over the age of 18 must show a valid form of identification at the airport checkpoint, while children under 18 are not required to show identification when traveling with a companion.

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Your kids will get some amazing time with their dad. Your 3 year old’s clinginess when reuniting with you is a totally normal, natural thing that does NOT mean he/she actually spent your time apart sad or terrified or anything. Air travel genuinely sucks these days and it’s totally okay to.

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We hope to help you travel smarter, cheaper and better by sharing all our best tips and advice and by showing you that kids are not a barrier to travel. In fact, they make it even more rewarding. We have travelled extensively with our young kids – from around our home country of Australia to a Deep South USA road trip from living in Malaysia.

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We love traveling with our children because it exposes them to situations where they might be a bit scared, but facing those fears at a young age with us, their parents, by their side is a great way to build resilience and to learn to let the passion for travel override any fears they might have.

To notice the details. Kids are observant, and they take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Traveling with kids will force you to move at their pace; your pace will be slower and your children will point out details you likely would have overlooked without them.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids Whether you’re hitting the road or flying the not-so-friendly skies, the potential hassles are numerous.