silently gray: undesirable folklore

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Emmeline P.O.V.I stare before myself, the empty plate taken away from me. I could hardly remember when was the last time I ate such well prepared food. Usually the help, including me would eat late at night and what was left of the meals. Anna is staring at me profoundly but I do not know how else to apologize.

Corvids are blamed en masse for small-bird losses, yet magpies, grey squirrels, cats. These enigmatic birds have a place in folklore, too. A jackdaw on the roof was said to proclaim a new arrival, "The chill of The Silent Companions sneaks up on you and then settles in like a gray mist on a British moor . . . a shivery treat."

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From folklore to pure science. Conspicuously absent for a British production, though, is the banshee of Irish and Scottish mythology, an ugly, nasty hag clad either in white or gray. A kind of.

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Japanese folklore encompasses the informally learned folk traditions of Japan and the Japanese people as expressed in its oral traditions, customs and material culture. In Japanese, the term minkan densh (, "transmissions among the folk") is used to describe folklore. The academic study of folklore is known as minzokugaku ().

Ghosts in the mist: Deadly great grey owls silently hunt for their prey in snowy Lapland. Great Grey Owls – known as the phantom of the north – can be found in northern America and Europe

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when watching the last two episodes. To answer your question, yes, that’s ubiquitous character actor DJ Qualls playing the nearly silent assassin dispatched by Varga (David Thewlis) to finish off.