Insurance ‘sticker shock’ for home buyers

Glasses: Price check. Are expensive glasses better?  (CBC Marketplace) The cost of flood insurance for one of these nearly identical beach houses is about to go up, while it will stay the same on the other. Congress mandated the hike for second homes but not for primary.

"Sticker shock" for California wildfire areas as insurance rates double, and policies are dropped – "It’s time to address the impact that more severe weather is having on Americans instead of fighting about climate change"

Sticker Shock Hits Baltimore Residents As First Round. s severe storms can now have their voices heard by the city and.

What first time home buyers need to know about home insurance. See tips and advice about getting insurance including coverage and cost.. Unfortunately for Florida buyers there will be a sticker shock when they see their property insurance rates. Especially if the home is older and not up to.

"We’re buying insurance that we will never use and can’t possibly ever. Ken Davis, who manages a fast food restaurant in Austin, Texas, is recovering from sticker shock after the small-business.

The Continuing Saga of Your House as An “Investment”  · The continuing cat saga .. He was happy to get out of the house and gladly left the next morning. After a long drive both ways, Al arrived near midnight with the cat and a $95 bill from the manager for room cleanup expenses, plus I gave Al $75 for gas, which is all he would take.

Increasingly, experts in health insurance are becoming concerned that many of these first-time buyers will be in for a shock when they get medical care next year and discover they’re on the hook for.

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Concord – MaryLou Beaver considers herself lucky to be paying 44 percent more for her health insurance next year. After losing her full-time job in June, Beaver, 62, purchased a $938 per month plan.

They include sticker shock, interest-rate volatility. Adding the second tier at Honda was intended to find a special home for loaners with low mileage, Rodriguez said. Those near-new CPOs give.

"It’s really sticker shock for people to see their homeowners’ (premium) go from $1,200 to $3,600," said Richard Harris of Harris Insurance Services, an independent agency in Grass Valley.

A recent report from educational products company follett notes that the sticker shock students and parents feel when they ..

The iPhone Upgrade Program is a slightly better deal than buying an iPhone outright if you intend to buy Apple’s phone insurance, which you should absolutely do, but the trade-off is you don’t get to.

But the recent heat and high demand left many of its customers facing sticker shock. Some Griddy customers say they’re.