I’d rather be rollerblading than adulting…

Still applicable: Do not comment on things people are, comment on things they do. (a re-print inspired by all these responses. Also, please, can no one ever again utter a variant of the phrase "Wow,

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Youngsters who had never skated before, started skating. Those who never learned to skate played. “They have a lot of good-looking women in this town, but I’d rather end the series in Boston,” he.

I’m better at loving skating than taking care of myself, but it looks like the latter is a byproduct of the former, which, like skater’s butt and better posture, is among the positive secondary benefits that do eventually start to make up for this sport’s notoriously hard-won primary ones.

"They’ve still been skating, still playing the game," Olson. three valuable points were put on the board for the Demons. "I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty, of course," Peluso said. "But we have.

Millennials: Stop Talking About ‘Adulting’ and Become Adults We’ve created a culture that suggests basic life skills are beyond the young’s comprehension.

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Roller skating or roller blading is a great exercise. I worked at a skating rink years ago and knew of several people who lost a lot of weight that way. I personally like roller skates they are more stable in my opinion. Look up skating calories its pretty good I am not sure right off the bat.

“I’d rather take stitches than mess with my vision or anything like that,” Caggiula. The world needs to hear it. » Now they’re each skating on different lines as the Avs try to recover from a.

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Bustle’s Rule Breakers event, a celebration of female and non-binary people who smash societal rules, is well underway, packed with crowds of attendees roller-skating. from a place of authentic.

I’d rather be rollerblading than adulting. advanced selfie university: https://bit.ly/2BJ4V4B MY PRESETS: https://sellfy.com/sorelleamore MY MUSIC (Great f.

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But I’d rather be broke and follow dreams than in a cubicle. Adulting gets so boring Too hard, it’s like you jaded every morning. skating for fun, my homies always know where I’m at.