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Answer 1 of 15: In another thread many of you discussed the Jaws II scenes from Destin locations. What many of you do not know is there was also a scene from Destin in the original Jaws, filmed in the ’70s. If you look carefully you can see the old East Pass.

While this film was filmed in Maryland, its director and entire crew were University of central florida film school graduates. This cult independent film has led to a new wave of film production for the area. celebrity residents. Florida is also the home of many famous actors.

If you’re from the Sunshine State, chances are you have. Beautiful Florida is perfect for filming, and in fact it was just barely edged out by California as the home of Hollywood. They probably look a bit different now, but see if you can recognize any of these places in Florida from the movies they starred in.

50 Greatest Independent Films: Empire Magazine, a decidedly pro-British film magazine, offered their picks for the bravest, most innovative, and most creative films – the "ultimate indie lineup" of 50 of the best non-studio works ever made.

Florida Movies January 7, 2010 | List of movies that take place in Florida, or were filmed in Florida. The list also includes movies that SAY they are in Florida, but were actually filmed in another state or country.

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Some will tell you that a movie was filmed in Miami but none I have found reveal scene by scene exactly where something was filmed. So here I will attempt to do just that. This is the fourth generation of my location web sites for the television shows and movies filmed in Florida.

Miami does not really need an introduction. It is well known across the globe for its glitz and glamor and its beaches and sunny weather. Miami is a city that will capture you with its dazzling glamor and hold you in its spell. The beauty of the city’s nature will also steal your heart from Biscayne Bay and the clear blue South Florida skies.

Joel himself has claimed that the movie was a tribute to the “marginal Los Angeles” he encountered in Venice Beach, Pasadena and parts of the Valley, and the film works beautifully as a.