Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust

Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust. For the last few years, there has been little movement in Florida’s foreclosures. The result is more than 300,000 homes in some state of foreclosure – homes and families in limbo. It’s called a shadow inventory, and Florida has the highest amount in the country.

After the housing boom came the bust.. every time mining investment had gone bust in the postwar era, the economy had gone bust with it. "This program will either be a boom or a bust to the community. "If left to its own devices, the [OZ program] is going to.

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Back to normal (if you’re not struggling to pay rent) If you’re a low-income renter, you’re likely straining and struggling every month to pay your landlord. While the number of cost-burdened (households paying more than 30 percent of income for rent) and severely cost-burdened (households paying more than 50 percent of income for rent).

Even After the Housing Bust, Americans Still Love the Suburbs. and the housing bust has caused more people to rent instead of buy – sometimes by choice and sometimes out of necessity. Moreover, cities offer shorter commutes, Maine Governor Moving to Florida for Lower Taxes; more.

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A Decade After Housing Bust, Recovery is a Story of Location. But plenty of markets are still struggling to recover their lost value.. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL. $311,600. $136,800. $275,700.

Hispanic families suffer more than most, the researchers found, mostly because the housing bust that accompanied the recession hit hardest in the places where they tend to live. "The reason for the serious hit to Hispanics’ home equity is that the housing downturn had a distinct geographic pattern, with Nevada, Florida, Arizona and California experiencing the sharpest declines," the researchers explain.

While other housing statistics certainly suggest that a recovery may be underway, home prices and foreclosures continue to point to a struggling. States like Florida, Arizona and Nevada, which.

Judicial states, on the other hand, tend to be still struggling with. After seven years of month-over-month increases, the median price of a Central Florida home dropped in May. growth was so pronounced because prices fell so low after the housing bust. Now home. After the bust, investors.