Don’t Just Write What You Know—Write What You Feel

There is a famous rule stating that you should write what you know. But I find something else far more important: Write what you love. It seems kind of obvious now, but for a long time it wasn’t. Maybe it’s because it took me quite a while to even try and become a professional writer.

 · Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” cathy heller, creator and host of the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast, couldn’t.

Shea Serrano Rodger Sherman: Listen, Shea, I’m mad at you, and you have exactly As Long As It Takes to Write This Article.

 · You can get just as much inspiration from what’s out there as you can from what’s not. The manifesto is this: draw the art you want to see, make the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read.

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Often when you don’t feel like writing, the first few paragraphs don’t come out very well. It feels a little like stuttering, and you may be tempted to just pack it in for the day. Here’s where you’ve got to lower your standards and give yourself some slack. The trick is to allow yourself to write badly. It doesn’t matter.

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You don’t need 50 personal and writing books to tell you that. They make you feel like you are not creative enough, organized. Mix – Don’t You Just Know It – Huey "Piano" Smith YouTube The Coasters – Searchin'(original and best quality) and lyrics – Duration: 2:44.

 · You don’t even know how to begin rebuilding your life, integrating yourself back into daily life. You fight so hard just to survive it and emerge, but when you get there it’s — you feel empty.

Write What You Know Personally, I think that’s bogus advice without more explanation, but being told "don’t write what you know" might panic new writers, for two reasons: First, like most of us, the very nature of our life experience necessarily means we know an awful lot (or think we do).

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