California’s new housing bills are about to become law — but not everyone in real estate is happy about it

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California’s Governor Brown signed into law a package of bills on September 29, 2017, intended to increase the development of affordable housing. The state is deep in the middle of an affordable housing crisis and has been searching for solutions. Some major California cities passed ordinances in recent years, such as San Francisco’s new density bonus programs, to stimulate affordable.

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Why did California’s major housing bill fail so quickly?. 5 love languages of commercial real estate brokers. have said that legislation of this scope can take years to become law. "This.

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 · As long as the focus is on a single neighborhood, this seems eminently plausible. Real estate is more valuable when expensive properties are nearby. But in California’s coastal cities, rents are rising everywhere, not just in hot neighborhoods. The YIMBYs, joined by many left-of-center city officials, pin the blame on insufficient housing supply.

publish a notice of “intent to sell” the property to the state of California because of these unpaid taxes! This is not a REAL sale, however; it is known as a book sale. In a book sale, the property owner still owns the real estate, but the owner’s name is entered into adelinquent account book, and this begins a 5-year period of redemption.

“New-housing market analyst sharon Hanley reported 193 sales at 1,090 projects in the county in July, off substantially from the July 2007 count of 639.. I’m about ready to become the Cindy Sheehan of real estate; this is just making me so angry.'”. chairman of the University of California’s Fisher Center for Real Estate and.

California’s new housing immigration bill, AB 291, would prohibit landlords from disclosing info about a tenant’s immigration or citizenship status.

Texas VS California - How Do They Compare? In 2013, various laws unrelated to the on-going dissolution of redevelopment agencies have been signed into law that will have an impact on real estate, affordable housing, land use, municipal law, community economic development, public finance, fair housing, real estate tax, and employment.