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He gleefully tears down the remaining tenets of hip-hop conservatism, illuminating the growing generation gap in a genre that is approaching its fourth decade of existence. the vapid celebrity.

Celebrity blogger perez hilton tweeted. months before the staged photo scandals. “He had told friends that he wanted to come with the peace gesture for an appeasement before the wedding and his.

The post Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of The ’00s! appeared first on Perez Hilton. They aren’t call The Naughties for nothin’! What with the return of The Hills, Jersey Shore, Punk’d, and more we’ve been awash with a wave of memories from the 2000s.

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The trial and scandal dragged on into 2002, the same year that nick denton launched gizmodo and Gawker, beginning the gossip blogger boom. Two years later, Perez Hilton would start his eponymous.

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If you’ve got any doubt, just look at the covers of this week’s top celebrity tabloids. Us Weekly has Palin cradling her 5-month-old newborn Trig, with the tawdry headline BABIES, LIES AND SCANDAL..

Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of The ’00s! – Perez Hilton Defendants in Student loan debt relief Scheme Banned from Industry in Settlement with FTC and Florida In New Jersey Consumer Class Actions, Discovery is Not Insured – Consumer class action defendants in New Jersey state courts may be able to. gleaned from the complaint’s allegations and search for a possible basis for class relief so as to avoid.

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Singer Philip Sweet of Little Big Town is 44. Singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein of. Actress Keri Russell is 42. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton is 40. Singer Paul Martin of Marshall Dyllon is 40..